Aims & Objectives


Our Strategic Aims and Objectives are to:

• Provide the highest quality health & wellbeing services available to private, commercial and NHS clients.

• Promote positive health and general wellbeing, with a focus on public health outcomes, mental health and wellbeing, safe and effective clinical trials and healthy ageing.

• Increase access to appropriate information for the promotion of a health lifestyle and for general wellbeing, including positive mental health. Through proactive networking, to signpost patients and clients to evidence based sources of best practice and advice.

• Ensure that all staff have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently. Our aim is to incorporate our 6 core values (care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment) across all aspects of our work – from office support through to service delivery with patients and clients.


At MHW-CIC we provide employment opportunities and work experience placements for the local community, as well as contributing towards the local health agenda through involvement with voluntary sector and not-for- profit networks and professional groups, and focus on championing equality, particularly with the LGBTQ+ community.


Our recruitment strategy is based around hiring a local workforce, and providing a flexible range of opportunities to support into work those individuals who might otherwise find it difficult to access health and social care employment. MHW-CIC seeks to ‘build’ teams of nurses and Health Support Personal Assistants (HSPAs) around clients and patients, within a neighbourhood, especially those within our MSH@Home and MSH Clinical Trials divisions. This ensures consistency of care provider for the patient and better supports flexible working for our staff. We support volunteering opportunities for graduates within our MSH@Home Companions Programme and work placements for college students in partnership with Inspire! Education Business partnership.

As a registered London Living Wage employer we provide our employees with the financial support that they require by paying the London Living Wage. Health & wellbeing are the core principles of our organisation and strive to ensure that they are integral across all our divisions.