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We hope that you all are having a great week so far.

Our monthly stop smoking support group Knit & Quit has received funding for another financial year and we are pleased to announce that the meetings are up and running again! The meetings will no longer be held in Hammersmith Library, the venue is now at the New Bloomsbury Set (NBS) which is on 76 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AG.

The meetings consists of a mixed group of smokers, who want to quit, and non-smokers, who are there as supportive ‘buddies’ on the journey to quitting. During the monthly group, which will be led by Nuria, all participants will learn the basic art of knitting, and as a group we will work on creating squares that can come together to form a blanket we can donate to more vulnerable members of the community.

The dates for the next meetings are:
Wed 31st August 2016  19:00 – 21:00 @ NBS
Wed 28th September 2016  19:00 – 21:00 @ NBS

Don’t forget to RSVP, share and invite your friends! We hope that you all enjoy the rest of your week.

– Sonam


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