The Management Advisory Group (MAG) acts as the Executive Board for MHW-CIC, who provide advice and guidance with regard to corporate governance for the organisation (hereafter referred to as the CIC), particularly with reference to any NHS or local authority commissioned services provided by the CIC.

The group will advise and comment on all corporate policies, company procedures and financial reports within the CIC. The group will meet a minimum of four times yearly to receive financial reports, discuss policies and provide managerial direction to the development of the CIC. It will do this by:

  • Developing principles and criteria that will underpin the decision making for priorities
  • Understanding the Government’s priorities (and Core Funders) for the delivery of sexual health and wellbeing services and ensuring that the CIC’s practice reflects these priorities
  • Developing the key areas of focus for the CIC, being aware of the history of the CIC.
  • The MAG members commit to working together to ensure a corporate voice that represents the best interests and reputation of the CIC.
  • Each member of the MAG will serve a term of no less than three years in office, with no more than 50% of the MAG membership being new to the group at any one time, to ensure continuity of the group
  • All key decisions will be presented to the founder members, who carry ultimate liability for the CIC, but are accountable for corporate decisions and financial management to the other members of the MAG. A majority vote of other members of the MAG may result in sanctions against the founder members, including temporary suspension and removal, although the founder members will always remain main share holders and owner of the CIC.
  • Identify critical issues and make recommendations to resolve them

MAG Members role 

Members of the MAG will be selected and appointed for their clinical or policy/corporate expertise and will form the Board of the CIC, they will:

Be members of the CIC, registered as such with Companies House;

Not be liable for any act or omission of the CIC. MSH Health & Wellbeing is a Community Interest Company, with its own Public Liability Insurance and each practitioner working for the company is contractually required to have their own professional indemnity insurance;

Receive an honorarium or expenses incurred in relation to the role, on receipt of an appropriate invoice or receipts. If profit is achieved, like all staff and employees who are members they may receive Dividends or shares within the CIC


If you would like to be a part of our Management Advisory Group, then please email Justin Gaffney: