Our vision


MHW-CIC believes that the client is the focus of our business and their wellbeing should be at the heart of all that we do.

In line with the Department of Health’s ‘Compassion in Practice’, we will implement 6Cs, as they naturally focus on putting the client at the heart of the services we will provide:

Our Philosophy

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We care that clients receive a service that is right for them, as an individual, and will also help improve the health of the whole community.


We ensure that all our practitioners and therapists understand each clients' individual needs, and have the expertise, clinical and technical knowledge to deliver effective treatments


We aim to build a lasting relationship with our clients, based on empathy, respect and dignity


We understand that effective communication means listening to client's needs and requirements, and delivering a range of services tailored to these needs


We have developed a service that gives our staff the personal strength and vision to innovate and embrace new ways of thinking, as well as the confidence to raise concerns when something isn't right.


As a social enterprise we are committed to ensuring all surplus is reinvested to run and improve our services, enhancing care, ensuring our staff receive a London Living Wage and ongoing professional development.

Through our commitment in tackling discrimination and inequality in all the services areas for which we will be responsible for, including our roles as employers, MHW-CIC is committed to targeting our efforts to secure fairness and equitable outcomes with all the clients we aim to serve.

MHW-CIC will work in partnership with local government, and other healthcare and support services to pool information and resources to ensure that there is equality of opportunity and access to services.