MSH Consultancy

MSH Job Evaluation

MSH Health & Wellbeing CIC has been providing job evaluation to the NHS since 2007 within our MSH Consultancy division. Using the nationally agreed Job Evaluation Scheme, NHS clients can submit job descriptions (and other supporting evidence) for new post or post which have changed and need regrading. Our panels of trained and experienced job evaluators will then ‘match’ the posts against nationally agreed profiles, or where a post does not easily fit a national profile, undertake a Job Evaluation Questionnaire (JAQ) to then fully evaluate the post. Job matching and evaluation then determine the band outcome for the post, within the national NHS Agenda for Change pay scales. Panels are comprised of management and staff side (trade union) representatives that ensure fairness and equity of the evaluation process. We are pleased to announce that recently we have gained two new clients to whom we offer this service, one Clinical Commissioning Group and one independent provider. To enquire about our Job Evaluation services and rates, please email us at